Mobilize Your Application. Free Your Workforce.

 Mobilize Your Application. Free Your Workforce.| wearecws

Your team has a lot on their plate. They have to provide support to your end users, as well as develop innovative new features to grow your user base. Why slow them down with pesky operation tasks? Let us help your team develop a truly cloud-native solution for your application that will automate away tasks such as release management, infrastructure management, and application configuration. Additionally, you can rest assured that regardless of the cloud platform you choose, your application will run seamlessly on all of them.

Manage Your Releases With GitOps.

Even with the use of unit and integration tests, as well as static code analysis, sometimes bugs find their way to production. When you manage your releases with GitOps, your application can be quickly reverted back to a previous working version with minimal effect on your end users.



Infrastructure drift be gone! With infrastructure-as-code, you can be certain your application is running with the proper resources. Always.


Never worry over mismatched application configuration again. Implementing version control into your application management will ensure your team knows what changes have been made and when they were applied.


Development, CICD, staging, UAT, prod… So many environments to deploy, so little time! When you manage your deployments with code, you ensure that your application builds and deploys consistently, and that you never experience mismatched environmental variables again.

On the Cutting Edge and Fully Documented.

We keep an eye out on the CNCF Landscape so that we can offer you both a bulletproof and modern cloud solution. To top it all off, our skilled technical writers will provide you with all the documentation your team will need to work efficiently with your cloud solution now and in the future.

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