Secure Your Cloud & Applications with Leading Expertise

CWS specializes in comprehensive Application Security and Cloud Security, safeguarding your infrastructure against threats and vulnerabilities.


Navigating configurations and ensuring security compliance in the cloud can be complex.

Leverage CWS's expertise in AppSec services, cloud security solutions, and DevOps capabilities to elevate your cloud infrastructure.


Modern Security Solutions Tailored for Your Business

At CWS, we enhance your security posture, optimize costs, and accelerate your DevOps pipeline, ensuring security is never compromised.

Trusted Partners for Advanced Security

CWS collaborates with industry leaders like GitLab, Snyk, and others to deliver state-of-the-art Application Security and Cloud Security solutions.

Modern tool chains.

We utilize a state-of-the-art toolchain to streamline and enhance our cloud and app security services. By integrating leading-edge technologies and automation tools, we ensure efficient and effective security solutions for our clients.

Achieve Compliance from the Start

CWS provides thorough compliance solutions, ensuring your business adheres to regulatory standards seamlessly from day one.

Scalable Cloud Solutions for Every Business

From startups to enterprises, CWS offers tailored cloud solutions that integrate seamlessly with any provider, optimizing performance, cost-efficiency, and flexibility.

Adapting cloud architecture to suit the needs of every industry.

Global telecommunications

Securing a seamless move to the cloud for a critical telecommunications infrastructure provider.

Optimizing web-based ERP

Decreasing developer overhead, improving compliance, & implementing deployment automation for an enterprise resource planning suite.

Securing fintech startups

Facilitating Recimply’s ability to adapt to infrastructure across both developed and undeveloped nations through containerization & orchestration


No more sleepless nights worrying about your application's security.


Get the most out of your Snyk implementation.


Optimize your developer workflows.


Remove inefficiencies in your cloud environments and save money to grow your business.


Free your developers so they can focus on building.

Get Started

Lay the proper cloud foundation for your startup.


Seamlessly move your application into the cloud and enable scalability in yourr workloads.