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Founded in 2017, CWS began as a small consulting operation with a big vision. Over the years, we've expanded our expertise and refined our strategic approach, forming numerous strategic partnerships with industry-leading vendors, further enhancing our service capabilities. Each step of our journey has been fueled by our commitment to innovation and excellence, propelling us to become recognized leaders in cloud infrastructure optimization and AppSec program modernization.

Our Clients

CWS is proud to partner with some of the most recognizable names in the cloud and cybersecurity industries. These partnerships, paired with our comprehensive in-house expertise, have enabled us to serve a diverse range of clients, from dynamic mid-market businesses to large, established enterprise organizations. Our client base spans numerous industries, including Telecom, Software, Logistics, Finance, Biotech, the Public Sector, and more.


We believe in excelling in our specific areas of expertise rather than attempting to be all things to all clients. This commitment means we only take on projects where we can deliver exceptional results. Additionally, we are dedicated to accelerating client success; our extensive experience enables companies to dramatically reduce 'time to value', cutting down on both discovery time and associated costs. We strive to help our clients achieve their goals swiftly, maximizing the value of their initiatives.

Mission Statement

At CWS, our mission is to maximize the value our clients derive from their cloud journey. We guide organizations in selecting the most effective technological solutions tailored to their unique needs, ensuring scalability and adaptability. By adopting a cloud and tool-agnostic approach, and focusing on strategic technology choices, we help our clients achieve optimal performance and maximum value, empowering them to meet and exceed their business goals.