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Work with a seasoned, premier Google Cloud Partner to build a secure, efficient cloud environment that exceeds your business needs.


Security the Google way.

Google Cloud is renowned for its robust security framework, and we amplify that. Our team integrates Google's best practices, from Identity and Access Management to VPC Service Controls, ensuring your data remains in safe hands. With the backing of Google's advanced security tools and our expertise, rest easy knowing your cloud environment is fortified against threats.

Reliability at any scale.

Downtime isn't in Google Cloud's vocabulary, and we ensure it's not in yours either. Our strategies are built around Google Cloud's highly available and resilient infrastructure. From globally distributed databases like Spanner to the multi-regional storage of Cloud Storage, we ensure your services are available round the clock.

Hassle-free migrations.

Transitioning to Google Cloud is more than just a shift; it's a transformation. Our migration strategies are rooted in Google's best practices, ensuring a seamless move. Whether it's lifting and shifting VMs to Compute Engine or containerizing apps for Kubernetes Engine, we make the journey smooth and hassle-free.

Customer Stories

Jonar: Optimizing spend and meeting regulatory compliance

By generating compliance report for all cloud environments, CWS identified redundant cloud resources and implementing modern IaaC tools to reduce manual developer interventions.